Quo Vadis & Friends: Sami Tamimi

20th March

Quo Vadis & Friends: Sami Tamimi

Wednesday 20th March, from 7pm

As we step into the fray of the shortest of months, we are thrilled to announce the next formidable guest chef in our Quo Vadis & Friends series. Our treat for you in March will take the form of British Palestinian chef, writer and restaurateur extraordinaire, the wonderful Sami Tamimi.

Sami first met Yotam Ottolenghi while at the culinary helm of Baker & Spice. Yotam entered the deli and was instantly wooed by the exhaustive array of salads, savouries, sides and sweets displayed as fine art might be in a gallery of culinary delights. Inspired by Sami’s imagination and ambition, Yotam joined the team and their magnificent partnership began to flourish. This started with a humble yet beautiful deli, which skyrocketed to success and swelled to an empire boasting five shops, two full-service restaurants and two canonical books, not to mention ‘household name’hood.

A proud champion of the unapologetic, bold flavours of Palestinian cuisine, Sami has continued to carve his path into our hearts and kitchens with the epic Falastin, co-authored with Tara Wigley. Full to the bindings with herb and spice-strewn delicacies, we find that the turning of pages is accompanied by rumblings of the stomach in anticipation of what he will conjure up for his soirée in Soho. We hope and expect to be bowled over by his truly beautiful and sumptuous dishes. Perhaps we will meet the harmonious Gazan trinity of garlic, green chili and dill, be dazzled by pomegranate seed jewels, or pucker at the perfumed sharpness of sumac.

Tickets are £75, including a bite, three courses served feasting-style and a welcome drink. Purchase here.

Huge thanks, as ever, to our brilliant sponsors Gin Mare, Everleaf and Journey’s End.​​​​​​​

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