Quo Vadis & Friends: Nika Lozovska

10th July

Quo Vadis & Friends: Nika Lozovska
Wednesday 10th July, from 7pm

The port location of Odesa, Ukraine, marries beautifully with the multicultural influences that abound through the city’s identity. This has created an innovative culinary hub where historic food markets, like the bustling Privoz bazaar, and stylish modern bistros live together in anachronistic harmony.

Recent events have placed an unimaginable strain on the city, its people and the blooming hospitality industry, so now more than ever it is vital to celebrate their local culinary talent and traditions. We are therefore honoured to welcome one of Odesa’s most exciting up-and-coming chefs, Nika Lozovska, who will come all the way to Soho cook with us in July for one of our special international dinners. Nika promises to celebrate the richness of the sea with her pescatarian menu, in homage to her city’s plentiful maritime produce, featuring mussels, cod cheeks and roe.

Nika received classical training from the world-renowned Ferrandi cookery school in Paris, and a laudable apprentissage at Hotel George V by Four Seasons. Returning home, she scoured the food markets in search of local and wild ingredients to inspire her own style of seasonal modern dishes. Said dishes took fruit at her first venture, the small but extremely chic family bistro Dizyngoff, and at Decole, her café at the heart of the Odesa Museum of Fine Arts.

Tickets for the dinner will be £65, including a bite, three courses and a welcome drink. Book here.​​​​​​​

Huge thanks, as ever, to our brilliant sponsors Gin MareEverleaf and Journey’s End​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

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